“A Europe that is noticeably shaped by its citizens.”

Philip, 31, Germany:

What makes you a European? And how does that show?:

I think identity is a complex concept made of many elements. For example, I was born in a small town in northern Germany and that’s part of me. Today I live in Munich and feel at home here, too. Both have nothing to do with the music I hear or which books I read. Localities certainly shape identity. Believing that they are the pivotal argument, I consider fiction.
Rather, one’s own identity is shaped by the things one believes in and determines one’s own thinking. Here is how I consider myself European! I believe in democracy and freedom. My world view is influenced by French and German philosophers. My understanding of theatre mostly comes from the English and Italian. I love Flemish painters, Spanish wine and the Bulgarian way of dining. So my commonplace doing and thinking is absolutely influenced by European properties.

What would Europe in your imagination be / look like?:

The problem with Europe is, that it is currently not recognized as that great project of peace it actually is. And that is because of concrete political reasons. Therefore, my Europe of the future is one where justice is equally distributed, equal social standards prevail and no one must be exposed to the feeling (or reality) of living in a worse part of Europe. A Europe, which does not equal, but creates equal conditions. A Europe that no longer needs to be in solidarity because it really is ONE. And a Europe that is noticeably shaped by its citizens.