“Es gibt ein geheimes Europa, das vielwissende, alles hoffende Europa der geheimen Geister, den Typ des guten Europäers”

(There is a secret Europe, the knowledgable, all of it awaiting Europe of the secret minds, the typus of the good European)

Franz Marc, a famous german painter wrote these lines in 1914. Today, over 100 years later, it seems like this kind of Europe has lost itself again. Somewhere on the road to an ever closer union, we may have taken a wrong turn. We often find us faced with an impenetrable mesh of bureaucracy, not equally accessibe to everyone.

Instead of keeping up the work on a common idea, instead of dreaming together, instead of arguing for one common ground, the number of people claiming “less Europe” grows. Terms like home, tradition and simplicity seem to make the idea of national states appealing again – at least they make it easy to identify with.

So, how to band together again? How to reconnect to a common idea of a European future? One which is not just an abrstact building but a plan to be part of? What does it take to make Europe home? What are the obstacles we are facing on our way to a future like that? This is why we are here to find new Utopias of Europe – with a little help..:

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Tell us your ideas about our European future! What is your vision? What do you wish for? What do you belive in? What do you think could make us (re)connect as European citizens? How do you as a European want your world to be like tomorrow? How would your day be like in your idea of the future?

We will collect and discuss your ideas, videos, texts, thoughts or / and pictures here on our page.

Fill in our form, share ideas, wishes, dreams about Europe… and have influence on what the theatre project connected to this page will be about / how it will look like / what ideas we will try to formulate and execute – at least on stage..!

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