“…inspirations from the whole world come together here.”

Andrea, 67, Germany

What makes you a European?

For me, a citizen of Europe must always be a citizen of the world. This means: Europe must not isolate itself. And in Europe every country has to preserve its peculiarities that make the continent fascinating overall. Uniform pedestrian areas with the same stores are totally boring.

What would Europe in your imagination be / look like?

It would be nice if there were no borders on this continent, if you could work everywhere, study, go to school. If all individual countries inspire, spur and help each other. But even outward, this continent must be open, so that inspirations from the whole world come together here. And, of course, it must be a peaceful continent that treats our earth gently.

Can you describe one day in future europe?

I think for me a day in the future would not look that different. Already today I meet daily with people from other countries, eat lunch in a restaurant called “Bellevue di Monaco”, where people from many countries dine, and I am currently founding an international Montessori School, that should be visited half by migrants and half by locals to bring people together.