Elisabeth Pletzer

I was born in Tegernsee in 1988. It’s a beautiful lakeside south of munich, close to the austrian border. My father is austrian. And although Austria doesn’t seem very exotic to germans I still remember when I was a child how much effort ist was to visit our grandparents ij Tyrol: Passport controll on the borders – causing endless traffic jams in summer – and of course paying with different money.
Later I studied Architecture in Innsbruck with high interest in architectural theorie, philosophy and experimental architecture. After that I became an assisting stage and costume designer at Münchener Vokstheater, assisted in several other theatre productions.
Now I am working as stage costume designer, fine artist and part-time as scenograph in an architectural bureau.
I am enrolled at the academy of fine arts Munich with Olaf Nicolai. Driven by questions
dealing with space, body, (future of) humanity and interpersonal relations in a broader
sence, I find myself on a continuous search touching various media like grafic, installa-
tion, performance, text, film and theatre. Mostly in collaboration with inspiring artists I highly apprechiate the idea of shared thoughts and working together – the effect that one + one often makes more than two.

Philip Klose

I was born in 1987 in Bückeburg, a small town in Northern Germany where I grew up. In Munich I was
educated at the institute for theatre studies. While my studies I staged different plays, with which I
tried to explore – amongst other things – the performative space of the audience and the actors in
their special relationship. After graduation with the Master of Arts, I became an assistant of direction
at the Munich Volkstheater, where I get to know Elisabeth. Next to our first joint projects, I realized
several scenic readings, directed the Youth Club of the theatre and get more and more in touch with
the European topic.
In my projects I always try to play with all of the theatres means to tell about the subject. This means
to break with the classic hierarchy when the text dominates everything else. Because what fascinates
me about the theatre is, that it can touch you in many different ways – emotional, intellectual,
repulsive or sometimes just with its beauty