Dear Visitor,

This site is created to get impressions of the hopes, wishes and fears of the citizens of the European Union. We want this to be a platform to collect your ideas and visions – so please tell us about your dream of a european future and send us your answers and ideas to to the questions you find in our form.

It dosen’t matter if your answers are short or long, if your answers are poems songs or a short comment via youtube – whatever you feel like. And please don’t be afraid of your answers beeing not practical enough – it’s about your thougts and hopes. So come as you are! Share your ideas of Europe!

Who we are and what all this is about:

We are a small collective of theatre artists from Germany working on a performative play called “Utopias of Europe”. In reaction to the growing social divisions in the European Union we want to find alternatives to counteract the viral narrative of the nostalgic national state. We want you to participate by submitting your ideas and progressive thoughts, which we then will share, discuss and perform on stage. To – maybe- find utopia for a new european generation.