“There won’t be borders. There won’t be countries just communities and each one of them would be called Utopia so we remember every day we are trying to live in a better future…”

Marina, 22, Greece

What makes you a European? And how does that show?

Being a European citizen isn’t about where you live or the ID you have. It is about the freedom you have. Freedom for traveling, for living by your ideals, by respecting every other ideal and by coexisting with a huge variety of cultural groups. You are a European when you have enough education to accept other’s beliefs, when you see every country of Europe as one big valley full of flowers and trees and no as a piece of land with borders. European should mean united, it should mean a huge family.

What would Europe in your imagination be / look like?

There won’t be borders. There won’t be countries just communities and each one of them would be called Utopia so we remember every day we are trying to live in a better future.
Every Utopia will have 3.000 people. There won’t be high buildings. Every building will be like a huge glass igloo with high technological comforts. Green areas with flowers and trees and bushes are covering more than 50% of the community. Greenhouses for vegetables and fruits, farms and lakes are the food markets for every member of the community.
Factories, armies, politicians, guns and plastic are unknown words and meanings for Utopias.
Every five months the community selects five people as their administrators. Their job is more about finding the current problems and suggest solutions. Decisions can be made only after a general meeting, discussion and voting of every utopian member (3.000÷5= 600 people in each group of the five meetings)
There are no cars or other traditional means of transportation. Bicycles are used for the transportation inside the community and for huge distances there will be second level transporting systems like disk shaped vehicles or air vehicles.

Can you describe one day in future europe?

“Good morning Alkina.” Said the voice from the glass walls of my house. It reminds me my mother’s voice. I suppose that’s the reason I chose this house when I moved from Utopia455 to Utopia3. Every house has its distinct voice and its unique name.
“Good morning Lita. What time is it?” Lita was my house’s name
“It’s time for the week play.” Said Lita and the lights went on. My clothes emerged from the floor. Every day there are morning plays, most of the times they are outdoor. Today was the play I had choose for this week to watch. A contemporary play by the big lake.
“Farm or greenhouse” I asked Lita while I was dressing.
“Lake” she answered. Of course, that’s why I chose todays play. It was my shift to the lakes job. Catching fishes or cleaning the tools was not my main job. It was all’s duty once in a week to help the Food Restorers. The Food Restorers were the people who work in the farms, in the greenhouses and in the lakes. It was their job to maintain and provide our food but we had all the responsibility to help them. I was eating my breakfast when the milk spill in the floor. Lita cleaned it immediately.
“Thanks.” I said an I got up. It was time to leave. The sun was ready to rise.
“An apple-pie would be great for lunch” I said to Lita before I left.
I had two neighbors, a family and an old couple. I took my bicycle from my garden. The stone roads where starting to fill with people. Most of them were going to today’s theater play. Others were heading to their works.
While I was in my way I planned my day. After finishing my duty for the Food Restores I was going to my main job. I was a Pillar. Education was the job of Pillars. There were not much strict rules to Utopias but being uneducated was forbidden. Pillars educate young and old because education was continuous and never ending. Today my class of twenty youngs have a road trip outside Utopia to the old communities. The old communities were mostly buildings and places with cultural interest and they were our museums. I wanted to show them a ‘’Bank’’ and ‘’money and coins’’ they were the center of the old life. Today the center of life is living equally and happy. Money and banks are unnecessary for that kind of life.
Anyway, when me and my class come back I ‘ll go to Lita for lunch and then I ‘ll wait for Lucian and Sona. They are my friends and they are Scientists. Scientists have a huge group of jobs. Sona is a doctor and Lucian a geologist. We ‘ll go for our afternoon walk. I love afternoon walks. Especially in the Art Market. Art Market is always full of people. I love walking around the paintings’ benches, enter in the music kiosks or in the kiosk of sculptures, sing with the singers in the Songs’ kiosk and walking through Dance Paths. Art Market is the place you see art but you can create art as well. Usually I finish my day roaming there but today we will go to the Observatory. Tonight, is raining stars…that was the name of the play as well. I sat down in a mat. Next to me was a Muslim girl and in front of me a Jew boy, and behind me an atheist. That was the most precious thing of Utopias. Anyone could live with their beliefs without being judged. Respect was our way to be happy. Happy! such a little and easy word but for hundreds and thousands of years people could not find the way to be happy. A scene emerged from the lake and the play began the moment I ended planning my day.